About Sart 360

Sart 360 ad-hoc reporting and analytical dashboard software is a new way of generating reports in matter of minutes. It’s simple drag and drop user-interface and using data cube relieves burden on the database to generate reports and dashboards. It comes with default report templates and it’s compelling visualization makes a great value proposition.

Sart 360 comes with great flexibility wherein we need not bother on the data source or data schema. The dynamic dashboards is a great way of viewing the data, be it, drill-down functionality, apply filters, data exploration and the like.


Citizen Report

Any user can create report on her own, no dependency on developer.


Lightning speed

See your reports come on screen within minutes, Regenerate on demand as you need.


Schedule Reports & Excel

Have reports email to you at pre-determined times, convert reports to excel pivot.


Transform the way visualization and reporting by an end user.

Dashboard Visualization

Sart 360 provides depth in the data exploration in terms of data drill-down, filters, customized data views.

Speed & Simplicity

The ability to design new reports with simple drag-down user interface, create reports from the scratch within minutes makes it stand apart.


Sart 360 open connectivity architecture enables it to integrate easily with data schema of any applications, be it ERPs, CRMs, custom solutions, excel etc..

No DB Load

Ability to run and generate reports without any burden on Database, thereby it doesn't hamper any on-going functions or requires additional bandwidth.

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Unlock the Power of Tracking, Measuring, Analyzing, Sharing insights within minutes.

  • Speed of Execution

    Sart 360's USP is to design and generate reports in matter of minutes. The user-friendly design and simple drag and drop functionality, non-technical nature makes it a great boon for users to create reports in lightning speed.

  • Less Database Dependency

    Sart 360 creates reports from its summary Cube files avoiding accessing & extracting data from database. This way Sart 360 reduces database load for reporting substantially.

  • Data Source

    Sart 360's ability to manage data from any data source with ease. Schema of any data source can be seamlessly integrated with Sart 360, hence it can be used with multiple applications.